A couple from Miami - 12 MAR 2017

Hi Jay and Kay,

This was our next step into the lifestyle.  On the car ride home she turns to me and says, "I cant believe we just had sex inside the club".

Me: "I know, it was crazy and amazing. You were so wet and horny..."

She then kissed me and sighed, satisfied, unable to hide her triumphant smile...

Let me rewind a little, remember we are a pretty vanilla couple and the most action we have ever gotten was listening to you guys. Nonetheless we mustered enough courage to go to a local swingers club with the intention of being nothing but wallflowers and enjoying each other in that sexy environment.  We had "the talk" in the car on our way there. She was very unsure and said she probably would not enjoy the evening at at and this would be a mistake.

I had no expectations but to roll with the punches and just enjoy an evening with my wife, knowing that at the end of the night I would take home and fuck the most gorgeous woman in the club.

We drove up there, got inside and surprisingly,  the placed was packed.  We did not interact with anyone but enjoyed the view and the sexiness, bodies contorting on the dance floor, skirts getting shorter by the minute. I was the responsible adult and that allowed to my wife to get a few drinks to relax, in turn, I was a little nervous but tried to hide it the best I could. I felt that she was able to relax even more than I did and she passionately started to  kiss me and whisper in my ear, "do you wanna check how wet i am"?

I sure did!  At that moment I realized she was pretty much enjoying herself and that we had succeeded on enjoying our evening, I would have been happy to go home with just that, but we decided to linger around and go to the back rooms to see what was happening there. We went to the  locker room and got naked.  With just a towel covering our body, we were about to enter a world completely foreign to us. 

We went in too early and that was a blessing in disguise as we focused on each other but we did not get to see a lot of action. We ended up in a private room that was connected by glass to the single men side and through the glass we had our own porn movie playing in front of us.  There was a couple with a blonde female being spit roasted by a black cock while hubby worked in her ass.  It was so hot and that got both of us over the edge.  I asked my wife to straddle me.  She mounted me as I tasted that soaked wet pussy and engorged clit.  She found her motion and rubbed her pussy on my face while she enjoyed both the view and my tongue. At same time she was describing to me what was going on as I could not see the action. I got up, she sucked my cock and the black man was now fucking the blonde hard as the husband jerked off. I got very hard and had an urge to fuck my wife and she gladly obliged. We fucked very hard and knew there were eyes on us as we climaxed rather quickly. We enjoyed that too.... All in all we had gotten more than we hoped for. 

We cleaned up and got visually overwhelmed by the the orgy that was now taking place in the shared room and decided to call it a day and go back home. We both had enough for our first adventure. 

We could not believe what had just transpired, and even now, a week later, we catch ourselves whispering to each other glimpses of our recollections from that hot evening. So hot that we feel a little naughty and dirty at same time.

Today we started planning our next trip to the club and what we want to do this time.

I cant wait.... i will keep  you guys posted.

Keep up the good work, kisses,

A couple from Miami