Mr. & Mrs. Swanilla are a fun-loving, sexually adventurous couple that are enjoying a sexy secret, Living in the Lifestyle. We are part of the daily grind of kids, careers, coffee, dishes, wine, soccer games, & parent/teacher conferences. So come the weekend, we love to get our kids into bed early, and then run to our bedroom, drink wine and connect on every level. We have been married for over 20 years, and we are incredibly happy, deeply in love and still very hot for each other! We have never considered ourselves vanilla by the traditional meaning, but more like Dirty Vanilla or Sensual Swingers + Dirty Vanilla = 'Swanilla’! We both appreciate how sexy women can be, making sexy connections with couples and that the lifestyle allows us to explore fantasies, create new ones and make sexy friendships along the way. We have always been very erotic and wild and enjoy many things the lifestyle has to offer as it enhances an already great sex life! Be sure to follow our blog to see where our journey takes us! Look for #SexySwanilla for fun & sexy Tweets

The blog of Mr. Jones from We Gotta Thing. 

We are a happily married, suburban, professional couple who are exploring consensual non-monogamy. We’d like to share our journey with as many sex-positive people as possible, and along the way maybe understand it a little better ourselves.

All the stories we tell are absolutely true, but the names and some details have been changed to protect the identity of our friends.  We’ll post weekly for a year as a record of our adventures. Beyond that, we’ll just post as we have new insights.