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Since 2015, we have shared our journey with thousands of listeners. We have been fortunate enough to make lasting friendships along the way and thank those lifestylers that have gone before us, helping to pave the way in normalizing consensual non-monogamy.


Our Mission

To promote understanding through dialogue.  We aim to engage our listeners and talk through the feelings that arise as we explore the swinging lifestyle together.  We hope to make you laugh with our blunders, become aroused with our torrid tales, look inward with pensive introspection and hopefully realize that your relationship can be whatever you choose for it to be within your partnership.


These two are fun and entertaining to listen to. Love their transparency and unapologetic thoughts and opinions.
— T&A, The Curious Couple - June 21, 2016
Such a great podcast about what the “lifestyle” really is about. They keep it real and honest yet sexy and fun. Love it, keep it a red light night!
— Real Talk Between the Sheets - November 5, 2016
So far I am a fan! A vanilla fan, but a fan none the less. I love the dialogue between you two and the feeling of going on this journey with you guys, not to mention the introduction to the RED LIGHT in the bedroom. Trust me when they say it’s amazing. Looking forward to trying out the sensations game you guys talked about soon. Keep up the good work!
— AvgJoe27 - November 23, 2016
This is one HOT podcast!! This is a couple that tells it like it is in a lifestyle where that gets pretty steamy! What a fun podcast!
— PodcastLover5583 - January 14, 2017
Jay and Kay seem like a smart, fun couple and they give a refreshingly complete and honest account of what it’s like to be in the lifestyle. There are plenty of sexy stories, made all the more interesting and helpful by the fact that they include their missteps and misadventures along with all the fun stuff.
— Smiling Skeptic - February 2, 2017
The wife and I eagerly await every new podcast. We have just started the quest for a male to join us. Learning so much from your experiences. Thank you and please don’t stop podcasting. The Desire podcast is worth listening to twice, honest talk. Thank you and keep them coming.
— Rich and Missy - March 4, 2018
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Some of Our favorite moments

  • Attending Naughty in Nawlin's 2016 and meeting many fellow podcasters.
  • Our first trip to Desire in February 2018.
  • Meeting our first fans!
  • Establishing friendships that have extended far beyond the bedroom.
  • Learning more about ourselves and gaining the courage to share our wants and desires. 
  • Kay's 40th birthday orgy
  • Kay's first MFM and single male experience (she say's it's a tie).
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