Episode 48 - Crimson Light Night - PlayGRND M&G

Jay and Kay attend a M&G at Crimson in DC, hosted by our friends at PlayGRND parties.  This was going to be our last lifestyle event  before we left Washington DC and we wanted to go big.  Kay lets Jay pick out her stunning cocktail dress and we were immersed in a sea of diverse, sexy people all night long.  But before heading downstairs to turn heads, we had a planned pre-party orgy with sexy robes, blindfolds, handcuffs and some especially adventurous oral play by Kay.  We end the night with Rick and Robin, who is so hot she literally sets off a hotel fire alarm.


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Episode 46 - Birthday Orgy at the Cabin

In this episode, we gathered with our friends to celebrate Chris' birthday at the lake house. We spent the weekend recording a joint podcast together (Episode 45 - The Perfect Orgy), went hiking, played sexy games and the ladies gave Chris a lingerie birthday surprise that he will likely never forget. We played sexy games, made new friends and struggled to shed a couple that just didn't fit our dynamic that weekend.

Kay's corner answer questions about hotwifing and reconnection sex as well as techniques to guard your name or occupation at lifestyle resorts.

The bonus material at the end challenges listeners to Tweet to @drandsexything on Twitter if you can solve their pseudonym question.

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Episode 45 - The Perfect Orgy

In this episode, Jay & Kay are joined by their friends Nate, Liv, Amy & Rory with guest audio appearances by Donny and Marie as they try to describe the sexy details of a 10 person orgy, which, as you can imagine, can be very difficult to recall because there are so many individual sexy experiences occurring simultaneously. 

The night evolved from what was supposed to be a private dinner between Donny & Marie and Jay & Kay but grew to include Nate & Liv, Amy & Rory as well as a very sexy single female named Sonja and our now well known artist friend Ryan. 

There is a lot of shared laughter in this episode and we work to try to minimize or explain inside jokes. If you are a veteran listener then you will know these important people in our lives and laugh along with us. If you're a new listener, you will be treated to what lifestyle friendships can and do become, tightly interwoven circles of trust and support. 

Spliced into our conversation are recordings from Donny and Marie, our guests from the Pacific Northwest who came to Washington DC for a vacation of our Nation's Capital. They wanted to see the Cherry Blossom Festival and tour the Smithsonian museums, but no vacation is complete without a 10-person orgy. They graciously share their memories with us, essentially making this two podcasts in one.

As fun as the friendships are and as sexy as the orgy was, there are many great personal details sprinkled throughout. Introspective reflections and thoughtful musings permeate this episode. Those details, shared in the context of our move away from these friends, make Episode 45 my personal favorite and I hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it. -J

Technical note

About 45 seconds in to our cabin recording the input wire becomes partially removed creating a less powerful sound. This resolves after a few minutes. 


Temptation and Desire with the PLAY GRND crew- Feb 2020 -

Dr. and Sexy Thing 

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Oregon TMS 

Episode 43 - Dirty Talk in DC

In this episode, we reunite with our good friends Zack & Kelly that we spent a weekend in Nashville with (Ep. 41 - The MFM Artist and The Crush).  We were skeptical that we'd be able to achieve the same level of sexy fun but as it would turn out, there was nothing to worry about in that department! 

Kay and I started the evening on a sour note with an argument en-route to the date.  We'll tell you how we pulled over and hashed it out just in time to salvage what would become a memorable night.

Kay surprises us all with some next level dirty talk in what is the hottest soft swap experience we could imagine. 

We sneak in some audio from our friends and Kay's corner discusses sending nude photos to friends and posting them on Twitter. 

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Episode 42 - The Unicorn and Temptation Resort

We warm up a cold winter by spending an evening with a sexy unicorn named Rebecca before heading down to the warm beaches of Cancun, Mexico for some wild days and nights at Temptation Resort accompanied by our DC crew, the hosts of PLAYGRND parties as well as our friends Rob & Lala. 

We partied all day, danced all night and shared amazing meals and 5 lbs of Swedish Fish together...and of course there is sex.  Rob & Lala teach us about the ElectroErotic Neon Wand and rock our world several times.  Hear the scandalous story of "The Cover Up" where we nearly ruined an orgy.

We mix in some self reflection, lessons learned and laughter along the way.  Kay's Corner, Nate's wisdom and more!!

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The Coverup (featured on the episode image)