Welcome!  We are Jay & Kay, your typical suburban "Couple Next Door".  We've been married for nearly 16 years and together for over 18.  We fell in love while in college and it wasn't until 3 kids, a dog, a cat and much great living when a year ago we decided to see what this swinging lifestyle was all about.  We've been having a blast getting to know some amazing people and we've decided to share our adventures on our podcast.  We made the decision to be as honest as we could about the experiences, which at times may cause us to shine a light exposing our mishaps, but we think it's important so we can confront our mistakes, become even better communicators and strengthen our already hot sexual relationship.  If you met us, you would never guess that we have this secret, but every now and then, we sneak away to meet like-minded friends for some sexy adventures in the swinging lifestyle and we're having an amazing time doing it! 

Inspired by podcasters in the lifestyle before us, we would like to share our humorous, sexy (and sometimes not), stories for your listening pleasure.  Enjoy!


All photos on this site feature us or have been used with permission.

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